Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dungeon Blitz Update!

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We've introduced pets, mounts, and a new dungeon that brand new characters start in. If you'd like to play it, head back to the boat in Wolf's End. We'll be making the rest of the mounts and pets available as we bring "Hard Mode" and the full achievement system online. Enjoy!

Major Changes
  • Brand new "Lost at Sea" dungeon in Wolf's End
  • Introduced new mount system
  • Introduced new pet system
  • Greatly improved memory usage and client performance
  • Improved server stability and monster responsiveness
  • New revive animation and effect for players

New NPC locations
  • Added a Horse Trader to Felbridge
  • Added a Falconer to Deepgard Castle
  • Added an Owl Keep to Stormshard Mountain

Crafting Changes
  • Dragonore generation is now based on our level, and increases every 5 levels
  • Enhancing gear now takes gold in addition to ore
  • You can no longer enhance an item past your current level (used to be +3)
  • You can upgrade multiple levels at a time to save on clicks

UI Fixes
  • Updated Vendor window
  • Updated Worker/Garden window
  • updated Respawn window
  • Updated Enhance window

Make sure to check it out!

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