Saturday, April 2, 2016

Blogging from the TV

The formatting for this may be odd but I can fix that later. I found a way to blog through the tv using a usb keyboard, a usb dongle for my phone and chromecast. =D

ARMS WARRIOR UPDATE: I played more Arms Warrior with a change to the talents I was using. It's much faster and still a lot of fun. Currently there is no indication of when I can execute other than watching the button so it can turn from grey to not-grey or watching the main healthbar. I assume this will be changed to what is on live at some point. As I mentioned on facebook the targeting circle you use for heroic leap will only allow you to place it as far out as it's castable. I assume that this is probably true for other spells like Blizzard and Flamestrike. Nearly level 101 and still very fun.

PROT WARRIOR: Prot's basic shit is still the same. Spam Slheild Slam and Revenge on CD and fill with Devistate.  The fixed some of the clunky stuff but the function is the same. Build up rage and spend it on either a skill that will buff your next Shield Slam or a small heal/shield. Charge is replaced with Intercept that defaults to 2 charges and double time puts it to 3. Intecept can be used on allies or enemies. It's amazing that the spec feels so much better then in wod but is effectively operating the same way.

RET PALADIN: I initially didn't even finish the weapon quest because I' played ret so much in wod and the rotation you use in Legion is basiclly the same. I went back and finished it later because I do actually enjoy it a lot. The new spell animations are fun but the clinky sounds from weapon hits are weird. Your little sprint thing is basiclly replaced with the prot horse spell but it can only be used outdoors so that feels like a strange nerf. The talents feel good. I'm actually going to go back and try Prot again because I'd hate to abandon little Luebbersfu over it being so pooypy.
RATING: 10 if you like wod ret. 7 Otherwise.

FIRE MAGE: This spec is the same as it is on wod with some new pretty fire effects. I mean Flamestrike looks really fucking cool. Get crits, throw Pyroblast.
RATING: 6 because I'm bad at mages.


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