Saturday, November 29, 2014

HIGHMAUL part 1!

In this post I'm going to link a video to each of the first four fights in Highmaul and give you a brief run down of what the fights are. The videos are from Fatboss so they're actually a bit entertaining. They're also from beta some there might be some slight changes.

First boss: Kargath Bladefist!

There are a ton of little things in this fight.
Tanks: Switch at two stacks of impale.
Ranged: When he charges toward someone run him in the the flame pillar to kill the pillar. No one can be in his way during this. Think Thok.
Melee: Go nuts. Except don't run back right away after the knock back unless you've been told to because...

EVERYONE: After the knock back the boss throws his 5 closes targets up in to the stands for 40 seconds allowing us to kill some of the watchers. After 40 seconds or if you go below 30% health you are thrown back down to the fight.

Second (Optional) Boss: The Butcher! (Ah, fresh meat.)

Tanks: This boss hateful strikes, so tanks stack.The boss bleeds and puts a damage increasing buff on you. Switch for the damage increasing buff or if you get too many bleeds, but the damage one is the worst.
Ranged: Spread the fuck out. One or two of you will be used in melee range. After the knock back ranged stacks, gets charged and then spreads back out.
Melee: The boss randomly cleaves the biggest stack of players. You will bleed. If you you get 5 stacks you die. So melee will split in to two stacks. We we use ranged players to shift what the largest stack is. After the knock back melee spreads out until after the charge happens.

EVERYONE: At 100 energy the boss knocks everyone back and charges the biggest group of players and applies his cleave bleed. At 30% he goes soft enrage.

Next up: Tectus! (Malphite)

Tanks: Looks like one on the boss, one collecting adds. At some point the boss splits and and then you tanks them away from away from each other. This happens until there are 4 or 5 bosses.
Ranged: Stack up. Every so often one ranged gets targeted with earthen pillar that will cause a giant fucking rock to pop up where they're standing. All ranged rotates away from that spot in a stack. There's a smaller knock up thing called fracture that knocks you up if you don't move away. Dot the big adds but they don't need to die super early. The little adds needs to die fast and someone will have to absorb the vortex it casts.
Melee: Be ready to kite the red mist away.

EVERYONE: This boss does that shit the blood queen does where she targets someone and a creeping mist comes on the ground from the boss to the target. This person needs to kite away. At 100 energy he does a ton of aoe. The end of the fight will be a mess, just kill shit.

And finally for the last boss of this post: Brackenspore!

Tanks: Switch on a few stacks of Rot. Only on tank in front at a time, he does a cone healing debuff. Boss needs to be brought near the blue mushrooms. Offtank pick up the big add.
Ranged: Some of you will be using flamethrowers on the creeping moss around the outside of the room. Hunters stand between the spore shooting plants in order to take the hits.
Healers: Heal the blue and green mushrooms! They're going to die anyway, but heal them.
Melee: Kill the shitty mushroom.

EVERYONE!: Green Mushrooms heal everyone. Blue mushrooms give haste and mana regen to nearby players. Only stack during the blue mushrooms. Everyone switch the the big add.

Well that's it for the first four. I'll do a post for the last 3 later.

Cheers and fuck you.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Tanking and you!

Just a quick word about tanks. Even though the flex raid tech allows us to bring whoever we can roles still have limited spots. Healers and dps just need to be balanced base on the number of total people we have but tanks are always limited to two.

Because of this we ask that even if you want to tank that you play a class that you have the ability to fill another role. Even if your dps is shit you still help the raid more trying to dps rather than sitting as a tank not doing anything.

Currently our tanks are Kalypseaux and Zokiel but that is always subject to change.


For those of you don't know how the raid loot system works I wanted to do a quick run down. Basically loot will drop and we'll roll like normal, but then each person gets the chance to do a personal loot re-roll by using a token.

You can get 3 of these tokens per week from quests in Warspear on Ashran. If you repeat the same quest the cost of the next token from that resource doubles. The costs are as follows:
Gold: 500, 1000, 2000
Garrison Resources: 300, 600, 1200
Honor: 500, 1000, 2000
Apexis: 1000, 2000, 4000

The good news is you get a free token each week if you have a level 3 warmill!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Raids start Dec 3rd for Hidden Power!

As of right now raids will be Wednesdays and Sundays 7:30 to 10:30 est.
If you can't make one don't worry, it's all flex now.
Attached is a video of the first fight.

Kargath Bladefist Heroic Highmaul Warlords of Dra…:

WOW turns 10!

Information via wowhead about the events starting tomorrow.