Thursday, January 29, 2015

BLACK ROCK MOTHERFUCKING FOUNDRY: Wing 1: the Siegeworks: Gruul's revenge.

That's how colon's work right?



  • Typically keep Gruul faced away from the raid to prevent excessive Overwhelming Blows damage
  • Face Gruul towards a group of players for  Inferno Slice, and be sure to alternate groups for each cast of  Inferno Slice
  • Tanks should taunt off one another at 2-3 stacks of Inferno Strike initially, then after  Overwhelming Blows falls off thereafter
  • Use strong survivability cooldowns for late applications of  Overwhelming Blows, when stacks are high
  • Move out of  Overhead Smash, particularly during  Destructive Rampage
  • If affected by  Petrify, move away from other players to avoid spreading Shatter damage.


  • Move away from  Cave In locations
  • Sidestep  Overhead Smash
  • If affected by  Petrify, move away from other players to avoid spreading  Shatter damage


  • The  Inferno Slice group will take heavy damage as Slice occurs, and lingering DoT damage after; be sure to top players up before their next  Inferno Slice soak
  • Tanks will take increasingly heavy damage leading up to Destructive Rampage, and may need CDs when their Overwhelming Blows stacks are high
  • Damage reduction CDs should be used to mitigate  Inferno Slice, especially if there is a mistake and one group takes two in a row
  • Healing throughput CDs should be used to top players up after  Petrify or  Destructive Rampage before the next  Inferno Slice, or to recover from a failed  Petrify
  • Stack on or near other players in your assigned location to ensure you split  Inferno Slice damage
  • Move away from  Cave In locations
  • Sidestep  Overhead Smash
  • If affected by  Petrify, move away from other players to avoid spreading  Shatter damage

Aint too bad. Stay tuned for the second boss in the wing Oregorgregegegegegegegr.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Do you want to change class?

Soooo hey, here we are with a pretty solid raid team and we've done basically the pinnacle of raid content that we had hoped for. (at least for the next 3 weeks).

Most of us have kept pretty good track on classes and how they're performing in Highmaul and the point came up that we're missing some of the heaviest hitters. Now not only are these classes doing very well but they also provide buffs that we're currently having to fill with hunters.

Assuming our ol' pal Relloz sticks around we've got an enhancement shaman, but we're missing a mage and a boomkin! (to a lesser extent a warlock)

So for a limited time only if you're interested in changing you MAIN to one of these classes we will help you do so as a guild.

If you're interested please speak with Hanny or myself for further information.



This may also apply to those of you who are unhappy with your current class but I sort of think you've sussed that out by now.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Minecraft 1.8.1

To celebrate Notch buying a new home we've put the old Minecraft server online.

There's tons of fancy new stuff and a very very old world that guarantee's you'll never see any of it!


There's really no saying how long this thing will be online unless it really gets some attention, but it's a fucking giant museum of old garbage!