Monday, December 8, 2014

End of week one!

Well we almost made it guys. Great first week. The turn out has been a bit overwhelming so I've got a few notes to help us run a little smoother next week. We're all friends here, even if George yells at you.

Gear outside of raids.

If you're not 630+ or damn close to it please try to run some heroics this week. There's no doubt that there's going to be some carrying going on, and we're okay with that. There are just some people who have more time for this sort of thing. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the raid so be considerate to others and their time.

Melee dps, it's not too late!

I know I sound like an asshole being melee myself, but it's not too late for some of you to switch to ranged classes. Hell if you're on the edge about doing this whisper me in game and maybe we can find a way to help you gear up that ranged guy you've been sitting on, or in some cases, help you level one.

Guild ranks, repairs, and officer chat.

Up until today the guild ranks were set up for a dead guild. In MoP hardly anyone was playing so the ranks got shifted around to allow a lot of the people who've been playing with us for a long time to have full control over anything they wanted. Believe me I like it this way. The issue is there are some things that are going to have to be limited for awhile while we're trying hard to communicate with such a large group that's hodgepodged from all over everyone in this guild's history in gaming. It's likely a lot of this stuff will be rolled back to those of you who are losing access to somethings over time but I hope you understand for the time being it's sort of necessary from a managerial stand point. 

What this means is that almost everyone that has officer chat access now is losing it. Only Admins can currently promote, demote, or remove players. Members and above can still invite. The core rank has been renamed to Raider. The point of this is that guild repairs are currently turned off so this will allow us to toggle them during raids if we actually have gold. Everyone who is a member or higher still has full access to the guild bank and as I side note if someone would like to volunteer to organize that thing that would be awesome.


And finally I had intended on having a log of last nights raid on for those of us who find that shit fun, but alas it didn't work. I'll fiddle with it this week and hope to have it running soon.


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