Friday, December 12, 2014

This Sunday

The raid will start at 7 again.

The fight we are going to do is very complicated and because of that it will be very hard for us being such a large group. Please please please read the below post and watch the video below.

It's understandable that you'll really need to do the fight to get to know what's really going on. However because it'll be frustrating to learn just because of the nature of the fight if you don't bother to do some reading on this one you may be asked to sit it out.

Obviously once we learn the fight these things will be less of an issue. So if you're not willing to do the research yourself we can teach it to you next week (god willing, otherwise the week following).

Again, this isn't as much of us just being assholes as it is us trying to make sure everyone is having fun. If you're a dick and don't try and it means all the other players are having less fun then fuck you. I mean we love you all the same, but seriously you can wait until we know the fight well.

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