Thursday, December 4, 2014

Too many cooks!

This post is regarding a brief recap of the raid last night and some key things that will make things easier for everyone going forward.

First, we are going to try to start Sunday's raid at 6:30 EST.

Please keep in mind that the following is not our attempt at making this guild some unstoppable raiding force, or us being elitist. However, no one likes to wipe over and over again. If for some reason you choose not to do the little bit of reading about your class or get some of the mods suggested in this post then you are a dick.

Our raid and our healers:

As we've stated a few times in the past the number of healing slots we have is limited to the number of players. In or raid stays within ranged of last night, give or take 20 people, we will have about 5 healing spots. Obviously this can change depending on number of players on any given night or for a particular fight. If you are going to play a class that you would like to heal on please make sure it is a class you are also comfortable dpsing on.

Know your class:

Please do not just assume since you are an adult with half a brain that you alone can figure everything out. There are a lot of places to look for great info, but at the very very least please look over the information at Icyveins.

With that said you should also make sure you're geared from heroics. It really doesn't take that much time.

We expect that with a little reading about your class, with heroic gear, and with some practice that all of our dps should be able to pull at least 15k.


It will not kill you or slow your shit down. It can ONLY help. Click here asshole. (Or here for BigWigs)

See you Sunday.

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